Adam Kario: The #1 Corporate Entertainer and Comedy Juggler.

With thousands of shows and counting, Adam is the most trusted comedy juggler on the market.


     IF you’re pulling your hair out looking for the right entertainer for your super important event this will be the most important paragraph you read today. Here’s why: Corporate entertainer Adam Kario has been de-stressing his clients and exceeding expectations for over 20 years with his sure fire comedy and juggling.

     IMAGINE the satisfaction looking into the audience during Adam’s show and seeing a 5 year old girl howl in laughter next to her grandfather who is doing the same. What a sigh of relief! That’s the kind of broad appeal Adam brings to every show. Watch the Official Trailer to get a sneak peak. But don’t trust our word. Blake Lynch was very impressed.

“How did you manage to keep a room full of nursing students AND their professors in stitches? Whoever said ‘You can’t please everyone’ never saw your show. Thank you!”

Blake Lynch RN, President, Florida Nursing Student's Association

OK, I’m Listening. What Else?

Why Choose Adam?

Adam prides himself on being the antithesis of a Prima donna. This means you’ve hired a showman who shows up and gives 100% effort during showtime and does everything possible to be as little hassle for everyone involved in the production. Translation: Your job just got easier!
In addition to being a comedian, Adam is a very accomplished technical juggler. Adam is a two time International Juggler’s Association world champion. He became the first in his category to win the championships without a single drop (the juggling equivalent of a perfect 10) Although now his jugging serves primarily as a catalyst for hilarious comedy, don’t think Adam has forgotten his roots. He showcases world caliber juggling every show.
You’re in good hands hiring an entertainer with well over two decades of experience making events unforgettable. This is the only job Adam has ever had. He takes your event as seriously as you do.
It is definitely a rarity to be able to entertain the very old, the very young, and everyone in between. Adam prides himself on being able to do just that.
Adam’s ability to take some basic information about your company or school and turn it into laughs has made audiences wonder how he was such an insider. He can easily do the same for you.
Remember what we said about Adam being the first in his competition to not drop a single item? That philosophy of clean, professional shows has permeated his entire career. The result is a better show for you.
Adam can put your Class President or C.E.O. in the spotlight for an unforgettable laugh. A great time is guaranteed for the audience AND the volunteer.


Adam Puts You In Complete Control Of Your Event