What Are The Two Things Every Event Producer Crucially Needs?

     1. Hire an entertainer with a track record of nailing it every time

     2. OK, there’s really only one crucial need

     Which means you need to hire someone who has performed for millions over the last 20 years. Someone who can lift your audience out of the realm of what they thought possible to experience something brand new.  Something like a one of a kind electronically choreographed visual symphony of glow in the dark juggling. Something like seeing their C.E.O. or class president on stage cracking up like they’ve never seen before. Something like…  You get the picture just click here to see for yourself in the Official Trailer.

     We know there’s no better feeling than when you’ve impressed your clients and guests with a killer show that had the entire audience on the edge of their seats. Our goal is to deliver that feeling every single time.

     Are you looking for that secret weapon to inspire and excite your audience? Discover what’s possible. Click HERE to start a conversation because we both want to take your event to the next level.



    A New Take On Comedy


    Polished Shows Every Time

To deliver the kind of show that will have your audience members and clients thanking you the next day through the use of gut busting laughs and the most technically difficult and visually impressive juggling.
Great entertainment is 50% on stage and 50% off stage. Our philosophy is to deliver the best show possible while being as easy to work with as possible.
To take your event as seriously as you do. Client satisfaction is the number one goal we strive towards before, during, and after every show.
What Else You Got?

High Energy

Want to energize your audience before your meeting or banquet? After the show it's like your crowd had a shot of espresso. They're awake and ready to go.

Perfect For All Ages

Adam’s show is safe for little ears. You enjoy peace of mind knowing the whole family will enjoy the show. Want to spice it up? He can do that too!

Self Contained

No money in the budget for a sound technician? No problem! Adam will save you hundreds by using his own top of the line microphone and P.A. system.


Want your employees or students to see someone in a prominent position cracking up on stage like they’ve never seen before? Adam has tasteful audience participation routines that make the volunteer the star.

Stress Reliever

Adam is the least of your worries on the day of the show. He shows up early and sets up in plenty of time. You relax knowing everything is under control.


Adam has been doing this for decades. An experienced entertainer = a happy audience and a very happy client.

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